All in the name of a higher calling?

While listening to a discussion on the radio this morning about baptism, I saw a connection between vaccines and baptism — please bear with me.

I was at home working on my dragon. Yeah, I am making a Papier-mâché dragon that is going to be sitting on the world — long story.

Papier — mãché dragon that is taking forever to finish

Anyway, when I work, I like to have the radio playing in the background, I like the unpredictability of it all, not knowing what song is coming on next.

I started off listening to an 80s music channel but I…

Have you ever wondered about the voices in your head?

Many, many, many years ago. An old tired man was sitting on a rock watching his sheep graze. He was thinking about his life and all the things he had seen. He had outlived most of his friends and now he sat, alone, grazing his sheep and contemplating the universe, yet again.
He didn’t know much, well, not in comparison to what we know now; it was long before computers and google — even before books existed. There were no iPhones or tablets either.

Just years of watching sheep graze…

I have never really dabbled in Tarot card readings or other forms of fortue telling, but the rare times I did, the experiences I had were — kind of weird.

I was living in Ealing, London at the time, sharing a flat with a work colleague, Jane*. Her birthday was coming up and she hinted that she would like some Tarot Cards, so I thought it might be nice to buy her some.

So, the day before her Birthday we set off to buy some. I had no idea that it would be so hard to get Tarot cards. We must have been to about 5 different shops before she finally decided on which ones to get, not being satisfied with any of the designs she had seen until then…

The word Synchronicity comes from the German word: Synchronizität. It is a concept that was first introduced by psychologist Carl G. Jung.

Jung used this concept “to describe circumstances that appear meaningfully related yet lack a causal connection”. He believed that ascribing meaning to coincidences was a healthy function as it would make us think, or bring the subconscious mind to attention and make us pay more attention to the small details.

Just how much meaning should we ascribe to coincidences?

I bumped into a friend a while back that I haven’t seen for about 20 years.

There is nothing…

Do we listen to our children or do we just think we do?

A few months back on a regular Tuesday morning, I was busy working from home on my computer. A familiar routine for so many of us these days.

It was around 9am and my son, of 23, was about to leave the house to go to work. He sometimes interrupts me when I am giving a class online, to say goodbye, with a wave unless it is something important. This particular morning, however, he had brought me a treat! He took out a few cakes from a…

A long, long time ago, when I moved to Portugal, I found an old Gideon’s Bible that I had been given in school. It was in a box that mum had left in her caravan. I could hardly believe that it had come all the way from England. I had been asking myself a lot of questions about life at the time, and I was now rather intrigued that I had found this bible at this particular time. So I thought I would give it a whirl.

I started with the Evangelists and then I went back to the beginning…

Friday 10th July

Jerry woke me early and helped me get all my stuff together to take me to the airport. He was very efficient.

So this was the day, the day we would be leaving this strange country? Nothing felt real anymore, it was like I was in a dream. I almost felt like nothing could touch me at this point, that nothing could break me any further. I got up and I didn’t even get a shower. Jerry was taking the lead, as I was on autopilot and went wherever he suggested. …

A picture my son took when he was in Morocco — he edited the sky behind. :)

Thursday 9th of July

The next day I went through the same ritual.

Hotel. No ticket.

It was unbelievable! I called the Embassy — they didn’t really have an answer but they informed me that they were in contact with the hospital that Ray was in. They confirmed what the doctor had said about Ray having a nervous breakdown too, I wasn’t too sure it was a breakdown. What I never knew at the time was that nobody had contacted my family. …

Tuesday 7th of July

I went alone by bus to Agadir the next day and got a taxi from the bus station to the hotel. I went to the reception desk and told them that I was waiting for a call from the embassy at 9 a.m.. They didn’t mind me waiting there.
I am not sure what time I arrived and have no idea how long I waited, but eventually the phone rang and I jumped up and answered it.


“Hello? Amanda?”


“We contacted Ray’s parents and they have arranged to buy his plane ticket to get…

I don’t know how long I had been asleep, it didn’t feel like long at all.

As I woke, I realised that something was terribly wrong. Ray held my shoulder and was shaking it quite violently.

“I know you are not asleep,” he hissed.

I had been, and quite nicely too, and now I was awake and I had to get my wits about me, quickly by the looks of it.

“You had your eyes open, I have been watching you. You just want to go off with Jerry, you were waiting for me to go to sleep.”

I understood…

Madalena Vegas

Artist, Portuguese teacher, Singer / Songwriter, Writer and Philosopher…kinda…

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