Air Bridge UK — Portugal

The Algarve is a favourite destination for millions of tourists every year

People need to get creative

President of Algarve Tourism João Fernandes said “It is a decision that we regret, that will affect the country in general, but the Algarve in particular. The majority of British tourists in the summer period come to the Algarve.” Raul Martins, head of Portugal’s Hotel Association feels that ‘It has been poorly explained to the British,’ as the outbreak is in peripheral Lisbon where there are no hotels, no tourist restaurants.

But I get it — the economy needs a major injection!

On the 3rd July Portugal approved Flights between EU/ Schengen countries and the UK. So what made the UK make their decision regarding Portugal? Apparently, a number of factors. But the rise in cases in Lisbon seems to be the only one I can find in the news.


Has Portugal’s transparency actually saved it from a worse fate?

Is letting tourists in such a good idea? Is Spain really fudging the numbers to get tourists? More tourist — more business. Is it really worth the risk? Has Portugal’s transparency actually saved it from a worse fate? It might not be such a bad thing to wait this one out for a few weeks and let the tourists trickle in. This may give Portugal a chance to ‘see how it goes’ for the other countries without going in the ‘deep end’ itself.

Open up, close up, open up, close up

I think of it like a torniquete. If we want to save the limb and stop the bleeding, we have to use a tourniquet, but we have to loosen it, to let the blood flow and stop the limb from dying, but then, we have to tighten it again to stop too much blood loss. This is how we have to come out of lock down. Open up, close up, open up, close up. I also believe that this is the idea the governments have — to an extent. We all know that only a minimal amount of people have been infected so far and for us to gain any terrain here, more people need to and will get infected. So by opening up we are letting people get infected, then localised lock down will be the new method. Just like Germany recently and Melbourne, Australia on the 4th July



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