Are Irrational Fears — Irrational?


Bill wanted to borrow his neighbour’s lawnmower, he had seen him using it a few times and wondered if he would loan it to him. He also thought that maybe they could even strike up a friendship from it. Maybe his neighbour could borrow something from him one day — like neighbours used to do.

So he set off to his neighbour’s house.

Along the way he started to have doubts. “What if he doesn’t want to lend it to me? What if he is still angry with me because of that incident three years ago with the football? We paid for the window — everything was sorted! Why is he still angry?”.

He filled his head with all the possible scenarios and when he finally reached the neighbour gate and the neighbour called out to him and waved

“Stuff you!” was Bill’s response, “ You can keep your bloody lawnmower!”

What is an irrational fear?

What is a ‘normal’ fear?

Nikolai Mitov / EyeEm / Getty Images
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