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2 min readMay 9, 2023

Who remembers the Algarve 36 years ago?

Wow, is it really 36 years ago?

Not sure if this is Julia´s or not

The beaches were so unspoiled back then. Remember? No huge restaurants along the coastline. No concessioned parts of the beach where you couldn’t put up a parasol or a sunshade. Just sand and sea!

Julia’s Beach was a very popular place, near Vale do Lobo. We went there a few times.

I remember when we first went there. I was expecting to see cristal clear blue water, like you would in the Caribbean and was quite disappointed when I saw very cloudy turbulent waves.

Grey sea?!

Well it is the Atlantic.

Unspoilt beach!

In those days you could get a slap up meal at Julia’s for about 500 escudos — including wine and desert. (about 2€50). Not sure if the photo below was the Chicken Shack on Julia’s we used to go to. Maybe somebody recognises it.

Most of the clients were Portuguese and the atmosphere was friendly.

Highly recommended by the local dogs too.

That was before ASAE and all the health and safety rules.

Things eventually got more clinical and a lot of the authentic charm of the Algarve was lost. Restaurants became larger and more expensive.

I suppose that is progress for you.

On a final note.

Does anybody remember the grilled fish place on the EN125 where you had to set your own table?

Grilled fish anybody?

If you have any photos of the Julia’s or the surrounding areas that you would like to share contact me!

Até amanhã — se Deus quiser!



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