Could China have done more?

Isn’t this a bit naive?

Most people seem to think that this is just like the regular flu, or even that regular flu is worse, because 30,000 Americans die of it a year. I have never seen people walking around in hazmat suits for regular flu. Even if this is a kind-of-regular-flu — imagine the impact of this one — on top of the regular one.

However, according to the latest data, it may already be here.

It is now believed that the virus is aerosolized meaning that it basically sits in the air like hairspray or deodorant does, and lingers. This is a bit of a game changer, and could show clearly that China had no idea what it was dealing with in the beginning. If we look at it from that angle we can actually see that they did all they could.

Mass denial.

The government still continues to say there is no need for concern, just use sanitizer and don’t even bother about a mask. Yet those guys in Wuhan are suited up! They are spraying the air. We have all seen this, it is on the news in full view. I fear their next challenge will be fires…



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