Doubting Mediums

Recently there was a thread on a group in a social network, talking about mediums and just how reliable they were. Some found them to be infallible whereas others just saw them as crooks, deciphering information using some psychological party tricks.

The question I raised was “Where do you get your information from?” It was explained to me that those who pass on to the other side, sometimes wish to communicate with us. Now this gets me thinking about heaven, as it would most people. I am sorry, but I do not believe that the deceased are lovingly looking down on us from a heavenly dwelling. (I mean that would be torture for them, right? Imagine being dead and getting to look at all the people who are alive, all day, and not being able to mix with them, or even help them for that matter. It sounds more like hell to me.) A lady who is a medium was mentioned and everybody went on to say how good she was and recommended her.

I asked her where she got her information from and if she knew whether they were good spirits, or even the spirits they say they are. I kind of challenged her to surprise me with a reading she might have for me. A little while later I got a personal message from her. It was as follows;

Firstly I hear a violin playing, And I see a couple who are very much in love holding hands. He passed first and then she passed on, I think these are your mum’s parents. The lady feels like your grandmother, she is sassy, fun and loving but a very practical lady. She loves clothes and shoes and drinking tea from a pot. She has a lovely smile, her teeth were not good before she passed though, she is with your mother. I feel this lady had 3 children. I get the name Michael and John. Your grand father feels as if he passed younger than her, he is kind of serious but does have a warmer side to him. I get a military back ground and well traveled man I feel he passed quickly to spirit. He tells me you are a creative soul who needs to express herself and has much love to give to the world in the form of art, writing and maybe musically as well. He tells me you have 2 boys, very different souls. He tells me about 8 years ago you took a leap of faith and changed your life. He says don’t look back, ever. There is still more for you to do. Your children are ok and although still young are getting on with things. There have been some very stressful times but you have been strong and pulled through. Feel you suffer from an illness which is bone related or painful (muscle related?) I get that this relates to a past life not a present incarnation. Your grandmother tells me you will write a book which will get published, it’s a fictional book! Not yet written. Has our mother been very unwell? I get illness with her and possibly tears too. These two act as guides for you and they often sing and dance with you, as a metaphor I feel they want to say, don’t die with the music still inside you.

P.s I see you getting divorced (maybe done this already) but you will remarry!! A tall man with light hair.

OK. So here is my analysis.

My grandfather did in fact play the violin. He was in the RAF and lived in Hong Kong for a long time and worked as a Policeman. he then moved to Australia. My grandmother suffered from depression, maybe in her early days she was sassy, but she lost that, sadly. She was very, very nervous. Not practical at all, she was used to having servants until she returned to England. She couldn’t even cook an egg I don’t think. Love for clothes and shoes maybe in her early days too, have some fab photos from the 30s (a lot of ‘maybes’ here) She was also an excellent cellist and pianist, yet again, this was not mentioned. (Surely my grandfather couldn’t be wanting the glory all for himself?) In their early days in Hong Kong they used to play together at social events. When I was very young I do remember how I enjoyed the sound of the piano.
She then says ‘she is with your mother’ — not stating if mother is living or not.

My grandmother had 3 children, one died, a boy called Hugh, she also had another daughter called Olwyn, who died 10 years ago, I knew her very well. Why didn’t she want to talk to me? (Well to be honest she never wanted much to do with me when she was alive.)

My grandfather did in fact die before her and this never helped her depression. She played Piano and Cello and was the only one I met. He died very young. The name John and Michael do not mean anything to me.

The creative side I have, art, music and writing — but why he would mention me I have no idea. I never even met him, and hardly knew my grandmother, who was much closer to my sister, Kerry, yet she was not mentioned. I also have a brother, Hugh.

I have two sons, they are different ‘souls’, but aren’t most?. About 8 years ago I left my ex, no divorce, we were never married. (Not sure I would say I am that young ;) )

Bone related illness? Calcific tendinitis in the shoulder, started when I was 22 and relates to this life, as it was an injury I sustained digging land.

I have already written a book and just need to publish it, not fiction though. Although I do have another fictitious one in the pipeline (Just get the first one published first!)
Mother (Nicholette) is fine (well she says she is…) She was very ill when she was 29, is that what she means? I see another ‘maybe’.

So now I just need to find the tall fair haired man! (please leave your contact below)

In all an interesting experience. Names in our family are all quite unusual, as you can see, yet non were mentioned. My aunt was not mentioned , nor my siblings, and they were very close to my nan. The fact that the ‘grandparents’ make me the centre of their attention also strikes me as odd. I hardly knew my grandmother and never ever met my grandfather. Nor am I getting any kinds of ‘message’ here that I was to receive.
So am I a believer now?
Well, I never doubted that mediums can contact spirits of sorts — there is so much in this life we just can’t explain, I just doubt that they are contacting who they think they are. In my opinion these spirits or ‘energies’ are feeding the ego. In this particular case it would be mine and the mediums.

However, if I was more gullible, I would want to know more and possibly end up making consulting a medium a regular thing. After I had my reading I asked the medium in question if she would mind if I posted her response, she said she wouldn’t so I posted it.
I bet it got her a lot of work too.
So what do you think?

PS A funny thing happened when I was writing this.



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