Friends and Food


Such a great combination!

This writing everyday lark is hard.

Yesterday was another busy day. I had lessons in the morning at the Museum and in the afternoon, more at home. In the Evening I went out for dinner to the restaurant Forneria do Largo, in the square.
The food and service were excellent! If you get the Sangria make sure you get the one with the Frutos Vermelhos!

Didn’t manage to photograph the food — we ate it too quickly! So here is a very cool picture of the outside of the restaurant.

Forneria do Largo

I met up with a couple of friends that are over here on holiday. Luís dos Frangos was the first choice but it was closed so we wandered around a little and decided to go to the one above.

I first met this couple about 6 years ago in Santa Barbara when I was giving a lesson in Julie’s Bar. A man approached me with a very rich Brazilian accent saying that he wanted to learn Portuguese. He told me that they were here on holiday and that he and his wife had been taking lessons in the UK only to discover that the teacher was Brazilian. He had heard about my classes and wondered if I could give them lessons via Skype.

I thought it could be a great idea and we started soon after meeting. A couple of other people joined in too.

It was lots of fun.

He told me yesterday that they are complimented frequently on their pronunciation. (One thing I strive towards is teaching good pronunciation and comprehension).

It is great when people want to learn the language and integrate with the local people and culture. They really appreciate it too. When you learn a language it is like entering into a secret garden.

So. Today I have to go to Faro, and in the afternoon — rehearsals again for our Friday gig.

Hoping to take some nice pics in Faro!

Até Amanhã — se Deus Quiser!



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