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2 min readAug 13, 2023

We always tend to say that we never remember it being this hot before — but I am sure it has. Right?

How are you all coping with the heat?

It has been scorching hot, hasn’t it! Is the planet really getting hotter, or are we just getting older and less able to cope with it?

I am sitting here writing this with a fan 2 ft away from my face. It reminds me of those films, where you see people in those old New York apartments, typing away on a typewriter on a hot clammy evening. In the distance you hear a cat, and a few doors down, somebody is sitting on their fire escape playing the saxophone. Something is thrown, the cat yowls again and you hear somebody shout: “Shut the hell up!”

That would be a film from the 70s though as most people have Air-con now and I am not even sure that fire escapes are a thing anymore.

Air conditioning v plastic bowl and a fan

In my apartment 3 floors up, we often get a nice through breeze, but when that breeze is hot, it is like living in a hair dryer.

No Air con.

Well I do have it I, but I am too scared to run it. It is an old unit from the 80s, so it would probably short out the whole apartment block, and make the meter spin like a catherine wheel — I don’t actually think it is working too well.

it must be great to have a pool and an air conditioned house. I have an old blue bowl and a fan.

I don’t really like air conditioning though.

I have visited friends here in the summer and I need to take a coat when I go and visit them.

Some go over the top with their air con in the car too. To me this makes it seem even hotter when you get out of the car. The sudden heat when you get out is a shock to the system.

Tips for keeping cool

One little trick I have is a squidgy. You know, a plant sprayer? I fill it with water and put it in the fridge. If I go out in the car or for a walk I take it with me and squidge when necessary.
I used to do that with the kids when they were younger too.

I also find that the less you eat — the better you feel.

What tips do you have for keeping cool?



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