In Portugal we are being told that the last thing you do is go to a hospital or clinic. If you have symptoms you are to stay at home. They can’t test everybody. Many people don’t have severe symptoms (apparently) and they can treat themselves at home. The lady in the article for example, received no hospital treatment. Our health authority have even made an online symptom checker here
So yeah, we get told here in Portugal, if you can’t breath you need to call the emergency COVID 19 number or the emergency services…
The problem is, when this kicks in, phone lines are impossible to connect. The amount of calls they receive cannot be attended to. The hospitals will get overcrowded and there will not be enough ventilators, or beds…
If people would have been told the truth, if people would have paid attention…but is wasn’t and they didn’t so now what can we do?

Artist, Portuguese teacher, Singer / Songwriter, Writer and Philosopher…kinda…

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