Is Musk all Tweeted Out?

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Some of you may remember my post last June. My ‘revelation’ about Elon Musk, after I accidentally ingested weed cake and thought I was having a heart attack?


Under the influence, I delved deep into the Twitter hole and wasted a whole day researching Musk and SpaceX. Among other things. The post made for an amusing and satirical read but sadly I was unable to prove Musk was the Devil. 👹Sigh. (Read here! Only if you want to 😊)

I have been fascinated by him ever since, kind of like small children are with dinosaurs. I follow him on Twitter just to see if he is up to no good and I have also been working on this Picture…my personal expression of Musk.

Elon Musk — Mission to Mars, by Amanda Gleaves

Let’s face it, he is quite the modern day wizard, with a bit of a saviour complex. A myriad of followers on Twitter believe he can do anything and he mystifies them with Teslas and promises of trips to Mars. He is even viewed as a saviour by some, destined to prevent the extinction of mankind from an inevitable comet strike. (what if it hits Mars?). Others see him as a threat; Not because they envy him, but because they genuinely think he poses a threat.

Wouldn’t anybody else go to prison for that!

He tweets like a 14 year old, yet his intentions seem to be unfathomable, until he surprises everybody by actually revealing that there was a motive behind his seemingly inane Tweets after all. He shows us his right hand while the left is busy conjuring up some mystifying revelation.

Some of you may remember that he challenged Putin to a fight in a Tweet. I know, very absurd. But he actually did challenge him. Here and here. This sparked an extraordinary exchange of correspondence between Elon and Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Chechen Republic, here.

His followers were convinced that he was going to change Twitter overnight.

We all remember the Crypto currency incident last May. Even more recently he did something similar with Twitter. Dissed its free speech policies, causing the stock to go down, which he promptly bought, and now he owns around 9%. Anybody else would go to prison for that.

His followers were convinced that he was going to change Twitter overnight, after he asked them if they wanted an ‘edit’ button. He tweeted like a madman for days about different things relating to Twitter and some of its users, giving the idea he could change it all.

Twitter invited him to the board — but they soon declined the invitation saying that he is “unpredictable”. Elon himself said that he had decided against it. He has tweeted nothing since though. Not like him at all.

Is he all Tweeted out?

He did host his Cyber Rodeo Event this week and launched the World’s First Military Force Field! So maybe he is busy signing contracts with the military. The Starlink satellites he gave to Ukraine, I believe, were also mixed in with a few Maxar Worldview Legion satellites. They were scheduled to go up in June anyway. No time like a war to get them up and running.

Did you happen to notice all the amazing satellite images recently from Ukraine?

What is he really up to? He is obviously very skilled at marketing and swaying people’s opinion. He has gained the admiration of millions and convinced them that Tesla Cars and Missions to Mars will save the earth. Does he really plan to occupy Mars? Or just get perpetual funding? Could this man actually run for office one day? Could he become president of the USA? Or will he just become the Emperor of Mars?

So does that actually mean that Elon is the Beast spoken of in Revelation?

Whatever he is doing. I have my eye on him. After the Putin Challenge I saw a news item saying that people in Ukraine were getting tattoos to support the war effort. I was taken right back to the mark of the beast again. A tattoo? Could it be Ukraine? Could it be Putin? After all, he was causing fire to come down to earth in full view of men…but nobody is cheering Putin on. His invasion is killing thousands of people. Not mystifying them.

In Rev 13:13, it seems to imply that people are impressed with this feat. Like they might be with somebody that sends rockets to space and makes promises of a new life on Mars.

“And the second beast performed great signs to cause even fire from heaven to come down to earth in the presence of the people.”

I have been drawing that abstract portrait of Musk (above) for a while now. Mainly because he is a public figure of some importance and has an interesting persona, but also because I would like get recognision. I had left it on a back burner for a while and recently I decided to finish it, but I had lots of new material to add to it and kept stumbling upon more. (still not completely finished as he keeps doing stuff!)

Have you seen the Elon Statue??

“14Because of the signs it was given to perform on behalf of the first beast, it deceived those who dwell on the earth, telling them to make an image to the beast that had been wounded by the sword and yet had lived.…”

Yeah, I know it is not Elon in revelation and just a coincidence. But look at this statue!- Elon Goat Token

After challenging Putin to a fight, somebody suggested that he change his name to Elona Musk and he did, for about 24 hours. The Elon Goat…Token…(WT..??), got my attention and I suddenly remembered that Elon Musk on the Gematrix had added up to 660, but the letter ‘a’ is worth 6. Making a grand total of 666.


So does that actually mean that Elon is the Beast spoken of in Revelation? Probably not, but who knows? If he invents a chip to go in our wrists so we can use Twitter or his Crypto currency, then he just might be. 🤔


Update: today Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter for $43 billion — so that is what he was up to?

What is the Gematrix? It is a website to calculate the number of your name. Try it out. Maybe you are the Beast!

The only other name I have found that does add up to 666 on the English Gematrix, is ‘Bolsonaro’, the Brazilian President whose first name means light (Jair) and whose second name is Messiah — yeah. Kind of freaky.
However I have not yet found any name adding up to 666 in the Hebrew Gematrix, have you?



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