Is Musk all Tweeted Out?

Elon Musk — Mission to Mars, by Amanda Gleaves

Wouldn’t anybody else go to prison for that!

He tweets like a 14 year old, yet his intentions seem to be unfathomable, until he surprises everybody by actually revealing that there was a motive behind his seemingly inane Tweets after all. He shows us his right hand while the left is busy conjuring up some mystifying revelation.

His followers were convinced that he was going to change Twitter overnight.

We all remember the Crypto currency incident last May. Even more recently he did something similar with Twitter. Dissed its free speech policies, causing the stock to go down, which he promptly bought, and now he owns around 9%. Anybody else would go to prison for that.

Is he all Tweeted out?

He did host his Cyber Rodeo Event this week and launched the World’s First Military Force Field! So maybe he is busy signing contracts with the military. The Starlink satellites he gave to Ukraine, I believe, were also mixed in with a few Maxar Worldview Legion satellites. They were scheduled to go up in June anyway. No time like a war to get them up and running.

So does that actually mean that Elon is the Beast spoken of in Revelation?

Whatever he is doing. I have my eye on him. After the Putin Challenge I saw a news item saying that people in Ukraine were getting tattoos to support the war effort. I was taken right back to the mark of the beast again. A tattoo? Could it be Ukraine? Could it be Putin? After all, he was causing fire to come down to earth in full view of men…but nobody is cheering Putin on. His invasion is killing thousands of people. Not mystifying them.



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