My Reality TV experience — brought me back to reality.

I really felt that my life was about to go in a different direction.

Then one day I had this crazy idea.

The hand made red dress

I passed the first audition no problem

I had a dream

The organisers taped the doors of the theatre closed so that nobody could leave or enter while they were filming

The organisers wrapped police tape around the handles of the theatre doors, to keep the spectators in. I asked them if that was even legal — what if there was a fire? They said it was necessary, otherwise people would keep getting up all the time to go to the loo and it would disrupt the filming. They didn’t seem too concerned about it.

I wasn’t even nervous

This photo is from the last gig I did — in 2019

It is almost like they rehearsed this!

So what did I learn from all this?



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