Social Media Mishap

Could you live without your account?

It sounds like a ridiculous question, but hear me out. Basically these days you need a business page on Facebook, to source your customers and fans to provide reviews, share opinions, and offer feedback. If you post a website, people will be more inclined to look at a page.

Could you afford to have your business page offline for 45 days without warning?

What if thousands of those accounts are blocked by error every day, by an automated system? Of course you can appeal — but according to FB that appeal can take just over a day — to 45 days — the reason being the recent pandemic.

What about my messenger?

Initially when I saw my account was blocked, I thought, ‘At least I will be able to send messages on messenger, right?’

So why have I been ‘disabled’? What keywords got me into trouble?

I understand that the platform has to be moderated. I had to do the same in my groups, otherwise it just became a free for all. It can actually get quite insane if you don’t keep a tight rein. Sure, you get called all sorts for it, but it has to be like that to maintain order. The difference is I would tell people why.

What about my groups and pages?

Some people just create a new account and move on, but is creating a new account sustainable? Not if you are trying to actually do something. Certainly not if you have a business account you took years to set up either. How do you get that back?



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Amanda Gleaves

Amanda Gleaves


Artist, Portuguese teacher, Singer / Songwriter, Writer and Philosopher…kinda…