Don’t eat your children’s cupcakes

Was I having a stroke?

I began to feel dizzy and I was contemplating calling an ambulance.

My phone rang — it was my son!

I asked him if the cakes were laced. He said that he had told me that they were (from then on I make a point of making eye contact and listening intently to what he says). He asked if I had eaten both. I only ate the one — but it was the laced one it seems. He then told me to get a glass of water and grind pepper into it then drink the water and chew on the ground pepper. This would kill the ‘high’

Is Cannabis safe?

Research shows that the effects from edibles take up to about 1 hour to kick in but can last for 6 or more hours. In contrast, the effects of smoking or vaping THC tend to last 1–4 hours. I swear that I still felt the effect the next day!



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Amanda Gleaves

Amanda Gleaves


Artist, Portuguese teacher, Singer / Songwriter, Writer and Philosopher…kinda…